Nov. 11, 2014

Axalta Care and Maintenance

Axalta Care & Maintenance

Axalta Wood Coatings Care

Since 1806, Axalta’s line of wood coatings has been designed to enhance and protect the natural beauty of wood. To care for your new Axalta finish & get years of enjoyment from it, follow these steps:

  • Clean up spills immediately using a clean damp cloth or sponge, then dry surface.
  • Use any mild common dishwashing liquid. Avoid using cleansers that contain bleach, ammonia, or abrasives.
  • Routine cleaning will maintain and help prevent long-term damage to the wood finish.
  • Avoid excess water and moisture that can damage wood finishes. Keep surfaces dry.
  • Try to avoid direct sunlight. Wood finishes that are exposed to direct sunlight could lighten or darken over time.
  • Avoid extremes in temperature and humidity which can cause wood to expand and contract and eventually damage the wood finish.

Ask your Sales Rep for some Axalta “hang tags” that will contain this information, that you can proudly display on any recently completed job.
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