Nov. 1, 2014

Did You Know Valspar, Part 2


We make products into what we in the industry call “paint colors”. This is not of course the paint you would use for a bathroom wall, fence, or garage floor but for cabinetry and wood work in residential and commercial settings.

Valspar Paint Color Experts

Jeff Deuel (Charlotte Branch) and Robbie Pridgen (Raleigh Branch) can make you any color “paint” they want. This is not limited to only Pre-Cat, Zenith, or Conversion Varnish; we can make these colors in every possible application for your needs to finish interior wood projects.

Working with Wilsonart and Formica

When doing these “paint” colors to match a Wilsonart or Formica laminate or even matching a Duron or Ben Moore interior paint color there are a few things Jeff and Robbie need to know. On our website,, you can find a form to use for this process. It really answers all the questions we need to know to be able to match the products.

Colorflex and Valspar

You may also be interested to know about Colorflex and Valspar and how they work together. Just like your dried Colorflex sheets you use for the laminate or solid surface matching, this can be used for Valspar “paint” matching. With these we can offer caulk that is close to the color we are making in “paint” or stain. There are many situations in “painting” of these products that a little caulk that matches or comes close to matching can save a lot of time. Making the dried colorflex sheets an invaluable item to have, all branch locations have access to this dried colorflex sheet, and will be more than happy to try and find a match.

Please try this on your next order of Valspar “paint” and give me any feed back you have. Since Web-Don is the largest stocking distributor of Colorlex I would like to offer it to another segment of our customer base.