May 9, 2019

HanStone Quartz River Washed finish

storm riverwashed finish.PNG

HanStone has introduced their new Unearthed Collection featuring three new colors: Storm, Terra and Coast. This new collection captures the essence of our planet through touch, the products in this collection feature HanStone Quartz new River Washed finish, delivering true tactile experience.

Experience the touch of nature. The River Washed finish has a more sculpted natural texture than the traditional leather finish. The new finish will be ideal for both commercial and residential applications where a highly tactile finish is desired. The new River Washed finish has a slight gloss appearance while maintaining a natural smooth touch. It is distinctly different from all other HanStone polished and leather finished materials. For more information on the River Washed finish and Unearthed Collection see the following: #livelifebeautifully #webdoninc #hanstonequartz