Web-Don's Newest Product, LumAware, Ensures Your High Rise Meets Fire Code Regulations

The South Carolina State Fire Marshall recently issued a new fire code requiring the use of luminous egress markings in high-rise buildings. This new code makes it “mandatory for new and existing high-rise residential and commercial buildings to install luminous egress signage and path markings in stairwells.”

In addition to ensuring the safety of individuals exiting high rise buildings in the event of an emergency, luminous markings help provide a secondary light source during a power outage and improves visibility of stair treads and hand rails.

If you haven’t already ensured your high-rise meets these new regulations, the professional team at Web-Don can help. Our newest product, LumAware, offers energy-free, photo-luminescent safety solutions such as exit signs and adhesive strips.

LumAware products are widely used in hospitals, arenas, manufacturing facilities, and schools due to their dependability and effectiveness as a safety solution for emergency situations.

View the OSFM Luminous Egress Markings in High Rise Buildings fire code.

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