Tub and Shower


Silicone Rubber Sealant

Axiom 25™ is an easy to apply, one component sealant that cures to a durable, flexible silicone rubber upon exposure to atmospheric moisture. Axiom 25™ was formulated for use with all solid surface products, engineered stone, cultured marble, and other non-porous surfaces. Axiom 25™ is a highly flexible, fast-curing silicone sealant which accommodates joint movement of +/- 25 percent. It comes in a variety of colors for an ease of use in almost any application.

Basic Uses of Axiom

Axiom 25™ can be used for:
• Sealing sheets and strips for bathtub and shower surrounds.
• Other wall applications.
• Fastening and sealing windowsills.
• Fastening and sealing side and backsplashes to kitchen countertops and vanities.
• Hygiene seals in refrigeration and food preparation areas.
• General industrial use.

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