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Cincinnati-based LumAware is a firefighter-founded company that develops, manufactures and sells Advanced Photoluminescent Technology® that illuminates the way to safety in the dark. Using this technology also aligns with new mandates in the North Carolina and South Carolina fire/building codes and the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).

When power is interrupted or lighting systems fail, LumAware greatly improves individuals ability to locate avenues of egress, fire extinguishers, trip hazards, and exits in critical situations. Battery operated back up lighting systems and electric signage are useful in these situations as long as they are adequately maintained and replaced. However, if they are not adequately maintained and serviced they provide no value when they are needed most. What makes the LumAware products so unique is that they basically require zero maintenance and service and their strong afterglow serves as their own light emitter without the need for batteries or electricity.

“This revolutionary technology is one of the brightest glow-in-the-dark innovations available, producing light for many hours,” says Web-Don President and Chief Executive Officer Missy O’Daniel. “Any kind of light source can serve as a charger, even the newer energy efficient LED lightbulbs. The LumAware exit signs save money and time. Since there are no lightbulbs, electrical wires, batteries or testing required, these signs can save up to $60 per year per sign per year. These eco-friendly signs contribute zero-waste to landfills, promote sustainability and never require maintenance. Their 21st century technology is the perfect fit for Web-Don’s 45-year legacy of offering state-of-the-art building solutions.”

The parent company of LumAware is MN8 founded by former U.S. Marine and volunteer firefighter Zachary Green. MN8 runs two divisions: Foxfire and LumAware. The firefighting division, Foxfire, is proud to have over 65,000 firefighters in over 25 countries that utilize their help in seeing each other in dark and smoke-filled environments.

MN8’s products provide a bright afterglow that helps reduce disorientation. LumAware, MN8’s safety and egress division, offers several UL-listed exit signs, a patented illuminating liquid star nosing line stripe system and safety signs ranging from fire extinguisher labels to floor numbers. These products can replace traditional exit signs and do not require the use of batteries, electricity, lightbulbs and maintenance. LumAware also has a patented liquid stair nosing product that can be placed on the edges of stairs and helps sports arenas, factories and stairwells illuminate the steps in the event of a power failure.

“Using products that can reduce risk, save money and have an environmentally friendly solution to traditional electric lighting is an opportunity that we just couldn’t pass up for our multi-family and commercial projects,” says O’Daniel. “We are eager to begin educating the region’s top architects and designers on the benefits of Lumaware’s patented photoluminescent technology and installing these life-saving products through the southeast.”

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