Wilsonart Sinks


Web-Don is a distributor for Wilsonart sinks, a leader in sink design and technology. We sell the entire line of exceptional Wilsonart products, including drop-in sinks, stone under-mount sinks, and laminate under-mount sinks. These sinks come in several different materials.

Web-Don has always been on the cutting edge of the latest advances in laminate countertops, and our laminate under-mount sink offerings hold no exception to that trend.

Being able to install an under-mount sink into a laminate countertop was the last hurdle in confusing the general public completely. Now, we can make that reasonably priced kitchen countertop remodeling job look JUST LIKE FABRICATED QUARTZ.

No Web-Don sink system installed into a Web-Don laminate countertop has EVER LEAKED A DROP OF WATER INTO A WOODEN SUBSTRATE. The installation process is relatively simple and functionally foolproof. You can also get your sink in a variety of offered materials: stainless, acrylic, or quartz.

Combine one of these fantastic sink systems with any of our new “stone look” textured laminates and we defy anyone to tell the difference from stone countertops. Laminate is still less than half the price of granite or quartz, so installing laminate countertops in your new kitchen brings an incredible value proposition into play when planning your new kitchen.

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